• Legacy of "Mr. Anonymous"

    Robert Winship Woodruff was a long-time leader of The Coca-Cola Company and a remarkable philanthropist who often gave anonymously. Learn More »
  • Health

    The Foundation invests in medical education, research and policy development in Georgia to improve health access and outcomes. Learn More »
  • Education

    The Foundation supports private colleges and public research institutions in Georgia, and also invests in systemic improvements to K-12 public education. Learn More »
  • Environment

    The Foundation supports the Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center, and also makes grants for Atlanta parks and green spaces, conservation and environmental education. Learn More »
  • Human Services

    The Foundation seeks to improve the quality of life of Georgia’s children and their families. It supports child welfare, youth development, and adult and family services. Learn More »
  • Arts & Culture

    The Foundation supports major Atlanta arts and cultural institutions and occasionally makes grants outside Atlanta for projects that also promote community development. Learn More »
  • Community Development

    The Foundation primarily invests in the economic development of metro Atlanta. It also makes grants to organizations that support philanthropy and the nonprofit community. Learn More »

Robert W. Woodruff Foundation

An independent private foundation that seeks to improve the quality of life in Georgia by investing in health, education, economic opportunity and community vitality.

  • Our Mission

    The Foundation seeks to improve the quality of life in Georgia. We pursue our mission by responding to community needs, typically making grants to well-established institutions and projects with strong leadership and a broad base of support.

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  • How to Apply

    Learn about grant eligibility requirements and the application process. Note that grants are generally limited to organizations in metro Atlanta. We occasionally consider grants to significant institutions and initiatives throughout Georgia.

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  • Current Grantees

    The Foundation values our relationship with grantees and the tremendous work they do. If you are a current grantee, please review the Foundation’s guidelines regarding ongoing communication, reporting requirements and grant publicity.

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